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Why Japanese equities are a Nirvana for stock pickers



Japanese equities is a great place to invest – if you are a stock picker.

This view may be surprising to some, and it is probably safe to say that most global equity investors seem permanently either confused or frustrated by Japanese equities (or possibly both at all times), but we will explain our position in more detail below.

NipponMarketBlog’s enthusiasm for Japanese equity stock picking may also come as a surprise to those who have followed the Japanese economy only on an aggregate basis over the past few decades, and most likely concluded that it is terminally ill and simply inherently incapable of performing to its full potential.

Both of these points are valid to some extent, and NipponMarketBlog has certainly been (and still remains) highly sceptical about the ability of the Japanese government and the BoJ to actively manage and direct the Japanese economy back onto a sustainable…

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